Innovative bariatric solutions

At LiveNew we continually review all of the latest innovations in bariatric and minimally invasive surgery and we offer only the most highly effective options that produce meaningful outcomes for you. 

Examples of bariatric surgery options:

Sleeve gastrectomy

(stomach capacity reduction)

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Gastric bypass

(combination procedure)

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Loop duodenal switch

(also known as SADI-S or SIPS)

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Integrated Lifestyle Transformation

While giving you a state-of-the-art surgical tool using a cutting edge minimally invasive technique can be very powerful, we believe strongly that this is not enough to guarantee lifelong success. This is why we integrate advanced non-surgical weight loss principles into your pathway to optimize your long-term success. 

Comprehensive Bariatric Team

In order to build a strong foundation of behavioral transformation prior to surgery, we utilize a comprehensive bariatric team including your bariatric surgeon, medical weight loss specialist, dieticians, counselors, and exercise physiologist. 

In Depth Bariatric Educational Curriculum

In order to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how to achieve the weight loss success that you have always dreamed of living, we have developed an in depth bariatric educational curriculum. This curriculum is used by our comprehensive team to high-light opportunities to build your foundation for future success around self-directed goals and habit transformation. 

Extended post-operative follow-up care

When you choose LiveNew as your destination for bariatric surgery, we commit our team and resources to your care for life. Our pattern of follow-up visits is most frequent over the first 5 years following your bariatric surgery to optimize safety and success. However, your support does not end there and includes ongoing visits as needed as well as a very positive support group of peers that understands the journey you are undertaking and will provide key insights and relational support to further enhance your journey. Additionally, online facebook support groups represent an additional option.

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