Behavioral disorders often represent a significant driver toward weight gain and metabolic disease. In order to achieve the most effective and last weight loss, contributing behavioral disorders must first be identified and then addressed.

Individual psychosocial assessment

During your individual psychosocial assessment, our counselors will work with you to identify behavioral disorders such as eating disorders, mood disorders, substance use, thought disorders, and major life events that can sabotage your weight loss success. Additionally, they will work with you to develop a plan toward resolution. Using this approach enables you to achieve the best possible weight loss results. Your individual psychosocial assessment will help to diagnose behavioral barriers to weight loss including:

  • Eating disorders: binge eating disorder, purging behaviors, night eating disorder
  • Mood disorders: Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder
  • Substance disorders: use of illegal substances, abuse or dependence on legal or illegal substances
  • Thought distortions: self-sabotage, negative predictions (programed failure), helplessness, catastrophic thinking, all or nothing thinking, and personalizing are just some of the thought distortions that can negatively impact your weight loss potential.
  • Major life tragedies and coping: recent death of a loved one in the last year, recent divorce in the past year, recent terminal illness diagnosis of self or loved one

Your individual psychosocial assessment will also help to screen for emotional or behavioral trauma that could derail your weight loss efforts as well as help you to explore your relationship with food.

Motivation for change

Making behavioral changes (such as altering food selections) requires consistent motivation. It is not surprising that a person’s readiness for change and motivation for change may be the most important foundational element to build a successfully structured weight loss program. At LiveNew this is so important to us that our medical, surgical, and individual psychosocial assessments as well as group sessions all assess and address motivation for change. Using techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewed, your motivation for change will be enhanced to support your weight loss journey. 

Behavioral counseling

At LiveNew we offer various venues of group behavioral counseling and education. Additionally, we partner with many community specialty counselors to help you address and resolve behavioral challenges and optimize your weight loss success.

Community depression 

Depression is very common in the US. But it is even more common when patient’s struggle with obesity. Many studies have shown that approximately 25% of patients who struggle with obesity also struggle with depression. While depression can be painful, lonely, and debilitating, it does not have to control your life and ruin your chances for effective weight loss. At LiveNew we also offer Nedley community depression recovery classes. These classes have been found to help patients recover from depression in up to 85% of cases. Additional benefits of the depression recovery classes include improvement in thought distortions and other mood disorders as well as improvements in emotional intelligence.

At LiveNew we are committed to a partnership toward behavioral and mental health. Through this process we are with you every step of the way and have designed these features to strengthen your foundation toward weight loss success. If you would like to experience total behavioral transformation; come LiveNew today!

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