True healing involves understanding and addressing all components of a person: physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, and spiritual [link to whole health page]. When just one aspect of a person is addressed (mostly commonly physical in medical practice), a disease can be treated but rarely does overall healing occur. However, when a whole person is appreciated and valued, whole person healing can occur.

One important vehicle to facilitate comprehensive healing across at least three dimensions of personhood is relational community. Community engages the intellectual, emotional, and relational aspects of a person. Unfortunately, we live in a world that increasingly starves us of real community and connection with other people. People often live and work close to each other without experiencing genuine relational connection. We all have Facebook friends and communicate frequently by text, but digital engagement often deprives us of much needed face to face relationships with people. 

At LiveNew we value the whole person and are building a healing community to connect people relationally and by placing value on the complete person. Some core components of the LiveNew healing community include:

  • Providers who value interpersonal connection
  • Support groups: facilitate connection and support between patients
  • Behavioral support: addresses relational scars and thought distortions that can isolate us
  • Weight loss group classes: empower through comradery and accountability
  • Community depression recovery: interactive small group discussions harness the power of healing community

If you recognize the need for this kind of healing community on your journey to health, then please come LiveNew today!

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