What is whole person health or whole person wellness?

The better question is what is a whole person? Many believe that a person is made up of five core components.

  1. Physical- our bodies, physical health, and fitness
  2. Intellectual- our mind and thought processes
  3. Emotional- our feelings and stressors
  4. Relational- our connection with other people through relationships
  5. Spiritual- our world view, beliefs, and freedom to connect with God

Health can be defined in terms of all five of these dimensions. When each of these elements are optimized, this naturally leads to a state of balanced whole person health. 

Why is whole person health important to me?

When any one of these five components become compromised, the resulting dysfunction leads to disruption of whole person health and is associated with many chronic disease states such as heart disease and cancer resulting in reduction of life expectancy. Unfortunately, for an increasing number of people in the US, each of these five dimensions of whole person health is increasingly challenged. Every year chronic disease, mental health problems, divorce, loneliness, and spiritual dissonance increase. The underlying theme is deviation of baseline lifestyle choices and priorities to yield increasing health risk.





How can whole person health enrich my life?

Addressing the whole person using a comprehensive wellness model can prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes, obesity, mental health disorders, and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. It can also decrease your risk of cancer, slow your aging process, and increase your lifespan by 7 to 11 years on average.

At LiveNew you as a whole person matter to us. This is why our treatment paradigm is centered on helping you to experience whole person health and reversal of chronic disease. If you would like to explore your whole person health and wellness, come LiveNew today!







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