At LiveNew we highly value you as an individual and recognize your need for ongoing support. We feel a deep sense of commitment to you and hope that when you choose LiveNew for your specialty metabolic care, you will also understand that we see our role as a committed safety net of support that will only leave you more secure as time passes. That is why we have designed multiple support options for you.

Multi-tiered LiveNew support model

We have designed the structure of our office with your support in mind. Our front office patient care coordinators will be delighted to assist you with scheduling appointments and securely handling the transmission of any necessary medical records. For those who are more accustomed to doing this online we have a very secure and easy to use self-scheduling option available through our portal. When questions of a more clinical nature arise, our nursing line is just a phone call away. For non-urgent issues you can also send us a question through our secure patient portal. At times it can feel somewhat overwhelming facing the bariatric insurance authorization requirements. Our insurance prior authorization specialist will help you every step of the way to organize the details of your process, communicate any updated requirements, and ultimately help you navigate this process in a smooth and seamless fashion. And most importantly, all of our providers consider it an honor to support and serve you on your journey to health. Ultimately, we want to empower you by optimizing your support structure so that you can better engage and take charge of your care. 

Comprehensive weight loss support

Our comprehensive team of dieticians, counselors, and exercise physiologists is dedicated to supporting your unique needs on your journey to weight loss and health. In addition, classes and group therapies are designed to fully enhance your foundation of support and enable you to achieve weight loss success.

Bariatric support groups

Our monthly bariatric support groups meet at Parker Adventist Hospital every month. These groups are facilitated by a health care professional with specialized bariatric training and are comprised of people just like you at various points along their journey. The group is an open forum in which each person is invited to share their experiences with the purpose of strengthening and assisting other participants. This provides a rich layer of encouragement and often facilitates bonds between fellow patients that serve to support everyone involved. Bariatric patients enjoy attending this group and have consistently reported that they feel enriched and strengthened by the honest and warmly positive tone of our venue. If you would like to enroll in this bariatric support group, please call (303) 925-4290 for more information on specific  dates and times.

Online bariatric support groups

For some people who live in remote areas or those with busy schedules, it may be easier to interact with our patient led private bariatric facebook support groups. It is important to note that this is by nature a different experience than an in-person support group. But, this venue can provide a high level of support via social media and may be a good option for some patients. 

For urgent needs and true emergencies, 24/7 we are never more than a phone call away. If you are looking for a safe environment with a full spectrum of support for your journey, come LiveNew today!

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