What is metabolic care?

Metabolism for many individuals involves a complex interplay between a person’s weight, metabolic rate, and endocrine systems. At its core it often also involves individualized behavioral, nutritional, and kinesthesiology (exercise) elements. True metabolic care goes far beyond a medication or a surgical procedure. True metabolic care brings these resource and many specialties together to address foundational reasons for metabolic disease, to treat existing disease, and to prevent the dangerous progression toward other related diseases.

What is the best concierge medical care?

Concierge medical care is health care that is provided outside of the in mainstream health insurance system. Working through the insurance system can often lead to frustrations. Many people find that these frustrations are created by increasing difficulty accessing specialty Endocrine care (including exceptionally long wait times), feeling like a number, difficulty working with office staff who must process your insurance information, and inadequate time with your provider. In addition, healthcare reform has stimulated many high deductible insurance plans that make many patients pay $5,000 or more every year toward their own health care even after they have paid insurance premiums. Because of this many people are beginning realize the best health care for them bypasses these frustrations by eliminating insurances and working directly with providers in a self-pay or concierge venue. However, many patients find it confusing when they attempt to identify the best destination this care. Understanding what the most optimal concierge medical destination is for you, must involve a clear understanding of your most fundamental health care needs are. Often the disease state or symptom may actually be secondary to a more fundamental metabolic dysfunction. It is important to choose your concierge medical care with this in mind.

How can concierge metabolic care help me?

If you are struggling with a metabolic disease such as diabetes and feel the frustrations of a broken healthcare system mounting then the concierge metabolic care at LiveNew is designed with your specific needs in mind. Using a comprehensive treatment paradigm we invite you to partner with our whole person care methodology to deliver individualized treatment and effectively resolve your foundational disease state. Our concierge metabolic program is designed to liberate you from your frustrations by giving you priority appointment access, by providing you with sophisticated front office staff that value your individuality, and by delivering the elite, comprehensive, and warmly compassionate care that you deserve. At LiveNew your metabolic needs are always our top priority!

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