What is the best weight loss treatment?

Effective treatment for weight loss must skillfully harness a spectrum of tools to meet each patient at their point of need. These tools should comprehensively include lifestyle transformation, meal replacement options, medications and weight loss surgery. Additionally, dietary, behavioral, and kinesthesiology (exercise) resources need to be integrated into seamless continuum of care.

What is the best concierge weight loss care?

Every person on this planet is unique and because of this each weight loss journey is equally unique. Because of this, when a weight loss program offers only medication or only surgical treatment many patients may not be served in the best possible way. Only when all of these treatments are available, integrated, and individualized to each person’s true needs can patients expect receive the best possible care. At LiveNew this is the foundational paradigm of our care philosophy. Prioritizing each individual means integrity to the exceptional quality that can only be achieved by assembling every element needed to address weight loss in the larger context of your journey to health.

What is the value of concierge weight loss?

Concierge weight loss care is a health care accessed external to the standard health insurance system. Frustration naturally arises when patients have to work through the health insurance system because it a barrier to accessing specialty care (including long wait times), causes people to feel depersonalized, makes it more difficult for doctor’s office staff to place their full attention on the patient, and places un-natural time constraints on the interaction with your provider. Current healthcare policy has also given rise to high deductible plans with many deductibles in excess of $3,000 to $5,000 annually in addition to the expense of insurance premiums. This is cumulative cost has caused many people to question if there is a higher value opportunity to address their most fundamental health needs.

For these reasons may people are now seeking the best possible weight loss care by eliminating the insurance middle man to engaging providers directly in a cash-pay, self-pay, or concierge venue. However, because many options may be available, maximizing the value of your care depends on clearly identifying your most fundamental health care needs. Only using this approach will you receive the highest value care that will truly address your foundational health concerns in a way that will lead to sustained weight loss and overall health transformation. If you are considering concierge weight loss, it is critical that you understand all that you hope to achieve through this care.

How can concierge weight loss help me?

If you feel trapped in your obesity and are frustrated by issues that arise from the traditional healthcare system then the concierge weight loss program LiveNew is designed with your specific needs in mind. Using a comprehensive weight loss treatment paradigm we partner you using a whole person care methodology to provide an elite weight loss experience with individualized consideration to your unique needs. Our concierge weight loss program has been configured to help you sidestep frustrating wait times and access barriers, give you sophisticated front office staff that are easy to work with and value your individuality, and provide you with the world-class skill, comprehensive care, and warmly compassionate experience that you deserve.

At LiveNew your weight loss needs are always our top priority!

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