What causes adrenal disorders?

The adrenal glands are two small but very hormonally active glands. These glands produce important hormones that regulate your body’s blood pressure, stress response, fight or flight response, and some sex hormones. Functional disorders of the adrenal glands can involve an insufficiency or excess of any of these hormonal systems. Adrenal masses are more commonly non-cancerous, but cancers of the adrenal glands or metastatic tumors from other organs to the adrenals can occur. 

How are Adrenal Disorders treated?

Effective treatment of adrenal disorders first involves very careful diagnostic testing by a skilled Endocrinologist to clearly isolate the precise disorder. Only then, can the best treatment be selected. An example of several disorders, their effect on the body, and the resulting treatment are listed below:

Addison’s Disease Adrenal insufficiency Lifelong steroid replacement
Adrenal Fatigue Not a medical diagnosis No medical treatment indicated
Cushing’s Syndrome Excess cortisol Usually surgical removal
Adrenal incidentaloma Small adrenal mass Surveillance if non-functioning and small tumors
Pheochromocytoma Tumor producing catecholamines Removal of tumor
Hyperaldosteronism Tumor producing aldosterone Removal of tumor or medical treatment

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