What is preventative medicine?

Preventative medicine simply means medicine to promote the maintenance of health and the prevention of the onset of disease. Preventative medicine can be used for individuals, by doctor’s offices, or even by large municipalities as part of a larger population health plan. 

On a population level, preventative medicine is defined as primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention. Primary prevention is aimed at preventing the disease from occurring. One example of primary prevention would be a lifestyle program designed to prevent the onset of heart disease. Secondary prevention attempts to decrease the impact or severity of a disease in a population. An example of secondary prevention would be screening programs to detect heart disease early. Tertiary prevention intends to decrease the impact of an ongoing disease that has longstanding effects. One example of tertiary prevention would include a cardiac rehab program. 

At LiveNew, we are interested in delivering higher quality, more cost-effective preventative health care to our local and regional populations. But, our primary focus remains more personal: we want to individualize your preventative medicine approach to change your life.

Why is preventative medicine needed?

In the past several decades, rapidly rising healthcare costs have placed a stronger focus on preventative medicine because many of its principles are common sense and low-cost relative to the higher prices of pharmaceuticals and hospital care. This emphasis on prevention was initially limited by poor incentives and insurances lacking appropriate reimbursement for prevention measures.  However, that may now be changing. A few progressive corporations are beginning to partner with health insurances to reduce insurance premiums for patients based on biometric and lifestyle incentives. But even more important than the economic impact, prevention of disease increases health and length of life. It can also enhance quality of life. 

By contrast, health care in this country has only traditionally effectively used pharmaceutical medications to treat the symptoms of sickness. This approach is scientifically sound and has contributed to an increased average life-span by reducing early death from some disease states such as heart disease. However, U.S. medical care has mostly only delivered effective secondary and tertiary prevention. Screenings and medications are designed to diagnose or treat an existing disease. While these are important components of comprehensive healthcare, when used without primary prevention this only represents effective “sick care.” True “health care” must also be thoroughly invested in the primary prevention of disease to uphold the promise of complete “health care” with integrity. At LiveNew we have designed your full service “health care” by fully incorporating every level of prevention and lifestyle modification. 

How is preventative medicine best used?

True preventative medicine, the key to true “healthcare,” can only be effectively delivered when there is first a foundational commitment to a philosophy of primary prevention. This priority stems from valuing people, all kinds and from every walk of life, even before they ever become sick. This also means that people’s health needs must be prioritized above everything else.

However, the philosophical commitment and even an earnest desire to deliver preventative medicine is not enough. It must also be accompanied by a skillful understanding of what preventative measures are most needed and how to best implement these measures.

For many people, the primary causes of most chronic disease are related to weight gain and metabolic disease. At LiveNew, our specialty services are all integrated to maximize all levels of prevention for your benefit. Our Endocrine specialists skillfully diagnose and treat metabolic disease. Our bariatric surgeons work in conjunction with our Endocrinologists to prevent and reverse the onset of obesity related diseases such as diabetes.  Our bariatric medicine specialists also work in conjunction with the others to complete the continuum of care. Finally, our integrated lifestyle transformation classes, groups, and multidisciplinary specialists enhance the effectiveness of all levels of prevention to maximize the value of your care.

Finally, because prevention can only function when patients are highly engaged, motivated, and committed to change, we base our care on a patient-physician partnership model. We also engage progressive corporate and executive partners through corporate wellness and executive medicine programs. 

If you believe that your “sick care” must integrate robust prevention to deliver you the comprehensive “health care” and wellness that you deserve, come LiveNew today!

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